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As the insurance agency of Montana, SWMTIC knows that medical insurance provides coverage that ensures the physical, mental, and financial health of your business partners, staff, and families. It provides members with the health protection, security, and peace-of-mind that they need. We have several solutions that can address the needs of any business and size.

Medical Insurance offers your employees and their families Montana group health insurance. It is a great solution for businesses, and there are two types available: fully insured and level funded. There is also Montana Supplement insurance programs that cover miscellaneous medical expenses during a hospital stay.

Fully Insured

Fully Insured Health Programs is a health plan that the employer purchases from a commercial insurer, providing coverage for its employees. The employer pays premiums to the insurer, and the insurer takes on the financial risk of providing coverage to their employees and administering the plan. Some of these premiums are...

Level Funded

Level Funded Health Programs resemble hybrids of traditional small group health insurance plans and self-funded insurance. This allows small businesses to step outside of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and provide their own health benefits. The plans include a stop-loss insurance policy that acts as a hedge against claims over...
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