Property & Casualty Insurance

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Property & Casualty Insurance is a health plan that covers a single employee, with an option to add coverage for that employee's eligible family members. Coverage options can include health, vision, dental, long- and short-term disability, and life insurance. We can find the best options for Montana insurance that fit you and your family's needs.

An individual insurance policy one that is purchased by an individual and covers themselves. The policyholder handles all the premium payments and is presumed to know the extent and details of the coverage. A variety of products are offered that encompass the individual market, including, but not limited to life insurance, Montana home insurance and other specialty lines. Please contact our Belgrade office at 406-388-7633 or toll-free 1-877-560-6600 for more information or to request a quote.

Casualty Insurance

Casualty insurance covers your business and legal liability when injuries or damages happen. Learn more about this important coverage to make sure you and your business are protected.

Property Insurance

Property insurance is important for all business owners. It is comprised of a series of policies that provide property coverage or liability coverage for property owners. 
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